Taking Initiatives

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People are taking sustainability initiatives that move organisations and communities towards sustainable futures, thereby accepting the agenda for change

Sustainable development initiatives include:

Consider different starting points, such as:

  1. Help organisations with the transition from environmental management to sustainable development
  2. Help companies to learn how to apply sustainable development and take sustainability initiatives
  3. Help public sector organisations to learn how to incorporate sustainable development into their planning
  4. Bring together organisations with overlapping interests to help them move towards sustainability together
  5. Focus on a community or part of a community to find ways to improve the quality of life, sustainably
  6. Form a small influential group to achieve a particular sustainability objective
  7. Educate, develop and train people so that they understand sustainable development better and work towards sustainability
  8. Work with local government authorities and their Local Agenda 21 (LA21) plans
  9. Support voluntary organisations to find new ways to contribute to sustainable development
  10. Change your own lifestyle, learn from this, strengthen your credibility and be even more creative.

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