Living Lightly

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Join many others and change your habits and mindset to appreciate what it takes to move towards sustainability - set a good example!

Are you doing it already? If not join those who are applying sustainable development to their own lives. Some ideas are easy to apply, others require more thought and effort - choose what's right for you! 

Support voluntary groups moving towards sustainable development:

Change your habits when buying goods and services by purchasing:

Adjust your lifestyle at home to make it more sustainable:

wpe2.gif (941 bytes) Investigate all four of the programmes available from Global Action Plan, namely: Action at Home, Action at Work, Action at School and Small Changes al of which are designed specifically to help people apply sustainable development principles - at home, at work, at school and in poorer communities. See also the Solstice web site on sustainable living at

Visit A to Z of SD to learn more about sustainable development from many other web sites

wpe2.gif (941 bytes) See how some organisations are exploring different routes to sustainability, find out what companies are saying and doing about sustainable development, look at the practical examples that illustrate how  to apply sustainable development and how it is implemented in community development. Identify skilled people who might be able help the process in your situation. Projects and Guidelines may also be relevant to your needs.

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Last modified 16 November 1999.