Applying Sustainable Development

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Learn about applying sustainable development from practical experience so that people, organisations and communities can move towards sustainable futures

Special this month: company statements on SD from BP Amoco, Electrolux, P&G

Our objectives are to:

  1. Help people change their behaviour and organisations their culture as they move towards economically, socially and environmentally sustainable futures by applying sustainable development (see definition)
  2. Publicise success stories with specific examples of sustainability initiatives and useful change models
  3. Provide information about skilled people who can help to develop effective leadership to transform organisations
  4. Enable developers, consultants, educators, researchers and facilitators to learn from and support each other.
The site has six sections, covering the following:



What's new

Taking initiatives

Site Map

Making change happen

Executive summary

Finding information:

More can be learned about sustainable development from other major sites such as:

The sustainability web ring provides additional access to several other useful sites:


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