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Skilled facilitators, consultants, coaches, trainers, educators and researchers have practical experience of applying sustainable development. Their biographical notes are given below with their email address so that you can contact them direct

The people listed here are specialists in applying sustainable development either within their own organisation or as external consultants or trainers, sometimes working alone or joining forces with others.  They offer a diversity of skills that are relevant to the public, private and voluntary sectors. Between them they have experience of working in all kinds of organisation from the largest to the smallest. Many of them are members of the Association for Management Education and Development and/or its Sustainable Development Network. Examples of their work are described on the practical examples or community development pages.  If you would like to know more  about them or their work please make direct contact.

These skilled people specialise in social and cultural change, by which we mean:

To apply to join the skilled people, and you have relevant skills, please use the People reply form.

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Ballard, David, email: Email:

David is a Director of Bath Consulting Group. He has had experience of organisation development consultancy in large organisations in a variety of roles, has been an environment manager and an environment consultant. Currently he is studying for a PhD on a sustainability theme at Bath University and leads the Bath Consulting Group's work on sustainable development. He is particularly interested in the subject of leadership for sustainable development and uses a variety of approaches with his clients to examine this issue.

Charter, Martin, email:, Centre for Sustainable Design

Martin works with the Centre for Sustainable Design and recommends their web site as well the online site for the Journal of Sustainable Product Design. He is also associated with Epsilon, an electronic communication and publishing company, with specialism in 'business and environment' and applied creativity issues with their own web site.

Clark, Stephen Bedford: Email:, web:, SBC & Associates

Stephen has been associated with the Earth Centre within the core management team since 1993, promoting and developing sustainable development via the medium of popular education. He has conceived and project managed the Nature & Water Works Exhibitions In the preliminary phase of the Earth Centre undertook research into sustainable methods of freshwater aquaculture in association with Hull International Fisheries Institute. He has since conducted preliminary feasibility studies and concept design of a SUBWUM process concerning a brewery waste utilisation scheme in conjunction with the Zero Emissions Research Initiative (ZERI), United Nations University, Japan.

Dearsley, Tony, email:, Thames Water Plc

Tony is an aquatic biologist by training and has worked in the Water Industry since 1975. His experience covers pollution biology, fisheries, river engineering, environmental impact assessment, drinking water quality and environmental data management. More recently as Environment Manager for Thames Water he has been closely involved in waste management, integrated pollution control, sewage sludge recycling and incineration, environmental reporting, biodiversity and sustainable development.

Ecos Corporation, Australia. See separate entries for Paul Gilding, Brian Lyster, Blair Palese, Alan Tate & Tom Woodhoue

Evans, Richard, email:, Ethics etc..., Social Accounting Consultancy

Richard Evans manages ethics etc... the social accountancy affiliate of Traidcraft Exchange. The social accounts of Traidcraft plc are published regularly using methods developed since 1993. The social accounts of Traidcraft are available on the web. Richard Evans, who has an MBA, has been at the centre of the development of social accounting methodology in the UK and is a council member and founder of the Institute of Social and Ethical AccountAbility. Richard has contributed several papers on ethics and social accounting and is co-author of Building Corporate AccountAbility. He works with several consultancies as well as consulting to organisations like Allied Dunbar, The Co-operative bank plc and Shell International.

Friend, John, email:, Stradspan and Centre for Applied Development Studies

John Friend is Research Professor, Centre for Applied Development Studies, Lincoln School of Management, Lincoln LN6 7TS, UK. The theme that has guided his research career over the last thirty years has been that of understanding and supporting collaborative planning and decision-making, not only within organisations but, increasingly, across the interfaces between organisations. Alongside former colleagues within the Tavistock Institute, he has played a leading role in developing the strategic choice approach to planning under uncertainty, and also in developing the practical art of facilitating informal strategic choice workshops as a means of working on complex policy issues. This approach and its associated software are now widely used internationally and described more fully on the Lincoln School of Management web site. John Friend's work and his worldwide network are described on his own, Stradspan, web site.

Gilding, Paul, email:,   Ecos Corporation, Australia

Paul Gilding is recognised as an international leader in the field of business and sustainability. He has a thorough understanding of the challenges sustainability poses for business and the commercial opportunities it presents. Paul was formerly Executive Director of Greenpeace International. His 20 year involvement with social change organisations has given him a comprehensive understanding of the processes by which change occurs, enabling him to forecast and assist business in taking advantage of emerging trends. Since forming Ecos in 1995 he has advised a range of leading international and Australian corporations including BP, DuPont, Lend Lease, Monsanto, Pacific Power, Placer Dome, the Queensland Timber industry and WMC.

In September 1997 Paul Gilding received the prestigious Tomorrow Magazine "Environmental Leadership Award" for outstanding leadership in the field. In December 1994, Time International listed Paul in its "Time's Global 100 roster of young leaders for the new millennium". In 1993 the Australian Prime Minister presented Paul with an Australia Day Award for Outstanding Achievement for services to the environment. In 1992, the influential World Economic Forum (WEF) appointed him a Global Leader for Tomorrow at its annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

Gunson, John and Chris, email:, Organic Options, Leominster, Shropshire

Chris and John Gunson are management consultants, who also own and manage Organic Options, in Leominster, Shropshire, England, specialising in organically grown food. They have experience of working with individuals, with companies and in the public sector as well as their hands-on experience of running their own retail business.

Harris, Richard, email: RJH Associates

Richard is an independent process consultant and facilitator working on stakeholder dialogue in sustainable development. He established RJH Associates at the beginning of 1998 after over 12 years experience in environmental and landscape management in UK local government; latterly with a focus on involving communities and organisations in LA 21 awareness raising, training and strategy planning.

Projects this year have included large networking events (regional and national with LA21 forums) as well as short and continuing processes building consensus around a wide variety of issues for organisations from all sectors. A growing part of Richard's work is facilitation training and he has a particular interest in the formation of multi-sector, local networks, developing local capacity for collaborative work and consensus building (especially with The Environment Council - UK).

Hart, Tim, email: Oakview Training and Northbrook College, Sussex

My primary role and interest is as an educationalist, teaching management and organisational behaviour; with particular interests in environmental and ethical issues. I also engage in some academic writing and minor research in these areas.

I have substantial experience in educational management involving the development and delivery of new programmes and am always interested in creating new opportunities for innovative programmes which begin to move organisations towards a more sustainable model of behaviour. For example, through Northbrook College of Further and Higher Education I offer training for Energy Managers leading to a National Award in Energy Management.

I am involved in a number of local and national organisations in a variety of roles and am always keen to extend these networks and to engage in collaborative projects with like minded people.

Heeks, Alan, email:, Working Vision: Consulting and Training for Creative Growth

Alan Heeks is a widely experienced facilitator with a deep interest in sustainable fulfilment at work. He has led numerous change processes as a consultant and manager, addressing vision, strategy, team dynamics and culture. His business work also draws on his involvement in environmental consultancy/education, and in leading personal development workshops and retreats. Alan and his colleagues run Working Vision focusing on the roots of success - synergy, energy and ecology. Alan is trained as a Natural Step consultant, working with various organisations on sustainable development to improve personal and organisational effectiveness. His clients include Bovis, Caradon, Coca Cola, Civil Service, Coopers and Lybrand, Henley Management College and various small and medium sized organisations.

Alan is also a Trustee of the Wessex Foundation which is responsible for the Magdelan Farm Centre, an organic farm in Dorset, England where various educational events are held.

Hickling, Allen, email:, Allen Hickling Associates

Allen Hickling and Associates is an international network organisation offering process consultancy, action research, training and facilitation services.

Allen himself has more than twenty-five years experience of helping people, at all levels and in all sectors, to manage the complexity, uncertainty and conflict in their problem-solving, decision-making and planning processes.

Hopwood, Jim, email:, EXXON Chemicals

Since 1987 I have been deeply involved in adapting a large petrochemical company to the new environmental priorities. In all of these activities group working and facilitation skills have been as important as technical know-how. Current interests are helping other organisations to make these changes and identifying and planning the further steps required for an organisation to become sustainable.

Hunting, Paul, email:, Clear Intentions

Paul Hunting is the founder of Clear Intentions an independent consultancy that has specialised in corporate transformation, executive coaching and teambuilding for 15 years. He has a BSc in Psychology, is a member of   The Association for Management Education and Development (AMED) and been a passionate rider for over 20 years. He continues to practice equitation, yoga and meditation and is enrolled in a 2-year Masters programme in 'applied spiritual psychology'.

For more information about 'RIDE FOR YOUR LIFE, tailored equestrian-based leadership development and coaching skills contact Paul Hunting at Clear Intentions by email or on 01252 843 163.

Hutchinson, Nick, email: London Economy Programme

Nick has a first degree in business studies and a Masters in Development Studies. He has worked in Africa and India as well as the UK with various organisations that involve people in finding solutions for themselves. He is very committed to helping individuals and small organisations to achieve positive results that contribute to establishing sustainable communities. He works for Forum for the Future in London as the Sustainable Wealth London Project Coordinator, part of The Local Economy Programme (LEP). The LEP seeks to promote sustainable development which incorporates social and environmental factors, through case study research and dissemination, in order to influence decision-makers and practitioners and to catalyse action on the ground.

Judge, Glynis, email:, Working Vision: Consulting and Training for Creative Growth

GLYNIS JUDGE is a consultant, coach and trainer with wide-ranging experience in performance improvement and change management. Her specific skills include: consulting for organisations to help them design and implement change programmes; performance coaching for senior managers and their teams; and management training on a wide range of topics, including communication and interpersonal skills.

Glynis began her career with British Airways, and held a number of operational positions with them, including three years managing 400 customer contact staff. She also had several years in training and development at BA, and was part of the team implementing BA's major behavioural change and customer care programmes. She has an MSC in strategic human resource development, a post-graduate diploma in management studies, and an HNC in business studies; she is also an accredited assessor and consultant for Investors in People.

Knight, Ken, email: Environment Management Centre International

Ken was for 20 years director of the Brunel University Management Programme, and in 1990 co-founded the Environmental Management Programme at Brunel, the first comprehensive programme of environmental management education and training in the UK, addressed not only to environmental specialists, but to the whole range of management functions. He was also instrumental in the development of Brunel’s M.Sc. in Environmental Management, which is now run jointly by the  Centre for Environmental Research.  Ken is a director of the Environmental Management Centre International. Ken has had wide experience of change management and environmental management consultancy, training and research and is joint author of Strategy for Sustainable Business (McGraw-Hill, 1995), which focuses on the strategic management approaches to sustainability in business.

Leith, Martin, email: and web site Martin Leith Associates

Martin specialises in bringing together diverse and often very large groups of people to address complex strategic issues, and has worked extensively with Open Space Technology, Real Time Strategic Change, Future Search, Simu-Real and other large group intervention methods. If this is your interest you can go to that specific web page. Martin has assisted many organisations including Guinness (Ireland), Lufthansa (Germany), Shell (Netherlands and Oman) and Prudential (UK). He has written for management journals in the UK and Slovenia, and teaches creativity on the MA Change Management course at the University of Brighton.

Llewellyn, Catherine, email:,   Inspiring Change web site.

Catherine has established Inspiring Change to provide organisational change consultancy, group facilitation and executive mentoring - services that are all relevant to sustainable development.

Lowe, Ernest, email: and web site, Indigo Development

Mr. Lowe is Chief Scientist and Director of RPP's industrial ecology research centre, Indigo Development. In this role he has led development of the "Sustainable NewTown&trade" concept, drawing upon his pioneering work in the creation of the field of industrial ecology. He has applied industrial ecology to the challenges of achieving sustainable local economic development through creation of eco-industrial parks and industrial resource exchanges. He has supported planning of eco-parks in Brownsville Texas, Baltimore, Maryland, Oakland, California, and Sasolburg, South Africa. He has also led strategic planning work with national laboratories and major consulting groups to introduce industrial ecology practices. He is lead author of Indigo's two publications: Discovering Industrial Ecology: an executive briefing and sourcebook and Eco-Industrial Parks: a handbook for local development teams.

Earlier, as Director of the Change Management Center, Mr. Lowe has been active in development and dissemination of industrial ecology concepts, linked to strategies and methods for organizational change. His papers and talks have brought this approach to sustainable development to the attention of thousands in US businesses and universities.

In 1991 he was co-director of the Change Management Network, an industry/academic research partnership at the Engineering School of Old Dominion University. He played a central role in the creation and development of this program and in recruitment of Fortune 100 companies as sponsors. From 1989 to 1991 he was President of Viable Systems International, a consulting firm applying the Viable System Model to the design of management infrastructure in large corporations. Mr. Lowe was a member of the founding team of the International Center for Organizational Design. Here he participated in creating and delivering conferences exploring how other methods of organizational change could fill gaps in Total Quality Management practice. More detail about his work and the clients he has worked with is provided on the Indigo web site.

Lustig, Patricia,, LASA Development UK Ltd

I am an organisational change agent and have worked in Europe and Asia with corporate and not-for-profit as well as public sector organisations. I also have some experience with rural development using the method of APA, Appreciative Planning and Action (cheap, cheerful, easy to use with non-literate peoples AND easy to teach to local colleagues).

I enjoy being a creative and out-of-box thinker and having the privilege to share in developing people and organisations. We help people to reframe their context and work on what THEY can do and change.

Lyster, Mark, email:, Ecos Corporation, Australia

Mark is a development economist with extensive operational banking experience in the areas of infrastructure, small business and rural development. He has working experience of multilateral development agencies and more recently worked in a large investment bank developing public/private sector investment opportunities in the infrastructure sector. Mark has expertise in strategic planning, change management and integrating sustainability into operations for large organisations, including the financial sector. His qualifications include a Masters in Agricultural Economics and he has completed IMD's International Executive Program in Change Management. Mark provides advice primarily to the resource and financial sectors.

Maiteny, Paul, email:, Grubb Institute for Behavioural Science

Paul Maiteny is a consultant and researcher with the Grubb Institute of Behavioural Studies, London. His work includes environmental management, organisational and personal development, environmental education and sustainability research. He has been employed in the UK, Italy and West Africa with private companies, public institutions, NGOs and university organisations. A key theme running through his work is the relationship between individuals, organisations, society and ecology. The aims of his work are to assist people to resolve conflicts between personal values about sustainability and their 'in-role' organisational values and to assist in transforming behaviour to achieve meaningful sustainability of human systems. This involves combining systemic, psychodynamic and experiential methods.

Martin, Peter, email: Tel: 01892 538209, First Resource

Peter has a background in industry, environmental organisational consulting and has focused on sustainable development for the past few years.  He has used the methods and approaches of organisational development and learning, participation and facilitation to enable a wide range of organisations to develop strategies which encourage progress towards sustainable development.  Peter works with Projects in Partnership.

Mason, Howard Jef, email: jefmason@gn.apc.orgJMA

Jef has 25 years experience as an Organisation Development (OD) consultant. He trained with ICI and then headed up an OD unit in Shell UK. He has extensive experience in change consultancy both in public and private sectors. He is recognised as an innovator [EU award] in processes of involvement and consultation: developing large scale conferences to support major transformation of attitudes, organisation norms and structures. His projects include bringing in changes such as decentralisation, new equality policies, or changes in working practices.

Sustainable policies and practices require the support of both staff and customers to make them work effectively. Jef's OD practice is to work in partnership to make the changes work.

But sustainable development is an integrated approach and requires effective strategic thinking and management. Jef  has researched strategic management, written and lectured on that topic. Another part of the practice is working with teams or individuals on integrated strategies.

Recently Jef has  started formal academic training in art used in the community. He  uses visualisation in strategic development and hopes to develop further skills in this area. He is also developing fluency in French and hopes to develop assignments involving French.

McGeeney, Andy, email:, Andy McGeeney Associates

Andy is an independent management consultant, a naturalist and writer. In his consultancy work he specialises in the management of individual and organisational change. He works with the heart and the mind to raise environmental awareness in the workplace. He has developed a programme currently titled The Call that uses ecopsychology, deep ecology as well as emotional and spiritual responses to the environment. During a considerable period of testing and development it is gaining a reputation as a powerful learning experience from which managers can gain understanding of the ecological and social dimensions of business responsibility, thereby providing a practical approach to sustainable development. It is also an excellent way of combining team building with ecological awareness  The Call can be adapted for use within organisations as well as being run as an open programme.

Molden, David, email:, Creative Director, CPS International

My background is in computer engineering, then service management before moving on to training and development. I have 15 years experience in the Information Technology industry, now specialising in Management and Leadership development, Team Building and Facilitation, Creativity and Innovation, Performance Coaching, Organisational Alignment and writing. I use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in all aspects of my work.

I have the skills to facilitate change and have developed some new materials for Organisational Alignment as part of a book which I am co-authoring. Aligning with a common purpose is the aim. The transition includes alignment checks at the levels of Identity, Values, Beliefs, Capability and Action with the environment as context. The model is derived from the work of anthropologist Gregory Bateson, and forms the basis for our focus in our consulting work. It has direct application for organisations seeking SD. This approach could help to develop the Leadership much needed to drive the Sustainable Development agenda forward. My existing work is split between Management Training, Facilitating Groups, and learning to be Director of a company.

Nixon, Bruce, email:, Management Consultant

I see a world in which there can be no more illusions of security, safety or predictability; instead it is daunting, exhausting and exciting with many opportunities for those who can adapt and learn the skills that are needed to be creatively innovative. I am in the business of helping organisations and people survive and thrive in these challenging conditions. I help leaders develop the new culture, skills, behaviour and attitudes they need to transform the workplace and enjoy themselves in so doing. I believe it also means creating good workplaces where people feel valued and able to contribute fully their unique talents and knowledge of the organisation. I prefer to engage with  real opportunities and issues, work with, rather than for, my clients, so that unique solutions can be created that are owned by the client and will be implemented. During and at the conclusion of an assignment I like to honestly review performance and acknowledge successes and difficulties.

In particular I can contribute in the areas of improving strategic teamwork, whole systems change, cross-cultural team building, real time management development (RTMD), quality and productivity improvement, mentoring and shadow consulting, developing counselling and facilitator skills, transforming trainers into internal consultants, and culture and attitude change. My experience and approach is described more fully in my book Making a Difference published by Gilmour Drummond Publishing.

Ottman, Jacquelyn A., email:, J. Ottman Consulting, web site

Ottman Inc., founded in 1988,  helps corporations to find competitive advantage through the development and marketing of environmentally preferable products and services. "Getting to Zero" is a methodology designed by Jacquelyn Ottman.

Palese, Blair, email:, Ecos Corporation, Australia

Blair has worked since 1988 on developing communication strategies for environmental and social issues. Prior to joining Ecos in 1998, Blair was Head of Public Relations for The Body Shop International in England and prior to that was Director of Communications for Greenpeace International. Blair addressed the UN Commission on Sustainable Development in 1996 on the importance of public communication in solving global environmental problems. In addition to media training and writing, Blair's focus at Ecos is integrating communications for all media and audiences into an overall change strategy.

Palmer, Eddie, email:, Open Futures Limited web site

Eddie graduated from Universities at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and Sheffield with degrees in social work and management. He began work in local government in the Midlands and north east of England. Since leaving local government, Eddie has worked as an independent consultant in the private, public and voluntary sectors. Since 1990, he has focused on change programmes in Community Care, working and teaching at Dundee University and preparing experimental pilots for the Scottish Office. Eddie also worked with scores of private companies and voluntary organisations on the Investors in People Award scheme.

After working with Mike Bell on various projects, Eddie co-founded Open Futures Ltd. to promote the use of large group processes. Eddie has used Open Space at events in Eastern Europe and Russia, as well in multi-lingual conferences in Western Europe.

Eddie co-facilitated the Future Search Conference held in Forres, Morayshire which led to a community action programme recounted in a book published by Open Futures.

Pollack, Suzanne Dr, email:, Henley Management College

Suzanne joined Henley Management College in 1988. She is currently Director of Short Executive Programmes. Previously , she ran the College's Corporate Qualifications Programmes and prior to that she completed a PhD in the Management of Change at Henley. Suzanne has experience of working in & with many different industry sectors. She is the holder of a Diploma in Training for Trainers. Her major interests include: improving personal and team effectiveness, particularly using the Myers Briggs Type Profile; achieving competitive advantage through human resources strategy; and developing skills and awareness in environmental management. As well as her publications on Human Resources & the environment, Suzanne is on the editorial Boards of Greener Management International and Business Strategy & the Environment.

Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) email, web site

RMI was established in 1982 by Amory and Hunter Lovins and now has a staff of of 50 working on many projects. They foster the efficient and sustainable use of resources as a path to global security, typically by combining advanced technologies, creative use of market forces, Aikido politics, and unusual private-sector collaborations. They are currently expanding their work helping corporations and other large institutions profit from environmentally responsible behaviour. This idea (corporate sustainability) incorporates a wide variety of skills including cultural change. Outside experts are brought in on projects when relevant skills are not available in-house - e.g. for culture change.

Sadler, Philip, email:, Centre for Tomorrow's Company

Philip Sadler is former Chief Executive of Ashridge Management College, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, UK, currently a director of The Centre for Tomorrow's Company and author of several books on leadership and organisation. He is particularly interested in the role of organisational leadership in promoting co-operation among stakeholder groups in working towards sustainable development. As a sociologist he is particularly interested also in the social aspects of sustainability and their interdependence with the physical and ecological. Currently he is in a hands on role as chairman of the environment committee of a major engineering company.

Sharman, David, email: David Sharman Associates

Shovelton, Romy, email: Wikima Consulting

Romy is a consultant in whole-systems change within organisations and communities, specialising in large group participative techniques and the promotion of sustainable development. She has over 20 years international business experience, and a background in strategic planning, marketing and advertising. Romy is an experienced designer and facilitator of participative events in a wide variety of corporate and community settings. Following a major report on Jobs and Environment issues for the European Commission, Romy is consulted internationally on such issues.

Romy is trained in a range of methodologies, such as Open Space Technology, Future Search, Real Time Strategic Change, The Conference Model, Appreciative Inquiry, and also runs workshops for those wishing to learn such technologies and the principles and practices of whole-systems change and public participation in general.

Her clients include  Andersen Consulting, RHM Foods, United Distillers, the RSA Tomorrow's Company Inquiry, The Engineering Council, the University of Surrey, Groundwork Foundation and numerous public participation programmes including Local Agenda 21.

Smith, Nigel, email:  Nigel Smith Associates

The MD of the company is Nigel Smith who amongst other things is a visiting lecturer at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne covering Modules on Leadership, Motivation, Teams and Groups, Structures, Roles, Responsibilities and Cultures and Total Quality Management (TQM) etc. He is a full member of Institute for of Personnel and Development (IPD) and also of the Association for Management and Development (AMED) and a member of their Sustainable Development Network. Nigel is a Year 2000 Accredited BAS2000 Consultant for the ComplY2K tool through The National Computing Centre (NCC) and is also a licensed consultant for Margerison - McCann Team Management System (T.M.S.). A full description of Nigel Smith's organisation, the consultants working with him and the work they do, can be found on his  web site.

Tansley, Romney, email:

Romney is an independent training and development consultant offering both formal courses and consultancy concerned with management and organisational learning. Romney is an Investors in People advisor and works with companies in all sectors on this programme. He is currently offering the small business version Building a Better Business to companies in Surrey. He particularly enjoys helping groups and teams rethink their values in order to rediscover their sense of direction and is working currently with managers and staff in two London Boroughs on change programmes concerned with ‘quality’ initiatives.

He is a director of the London Cycling Campaign and chair of the Campaigns Sub Committee. He is joint author of a chapter entitled The implications of sustainability for the human resource management profession, in Corporate Environmental Management 2: Culture and Organisation, Editor Professor Richard Welford, 1997.

Tate, Alan, email:, Ecos Corporation, Australia

Alan Tate is one of Australia's pre-eminent experts on the full range of business, political and scientific aspects of climate change. For the last decade, Alan has been following all key developments in the issue. He has also attended all the major international negotiations, from the Rio Earth Summit where the United Nations Convention on Climate Change was formed, through to the Kyoto Climate Change Conference. He knows many of the key participants in government, bureaucracy and non-government organisations dealing with the issue. At Ecos, Alan's focus is climate change and business strategy, particularly relating to carbon trading. He is a sought after speaker on the topic and, in 1998, delivered key-note speeches in Europe, South Africa and Australia.

Before joining Ecos early in 1998, Alan was the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's National Environment Reporter – a position he filled throughout the 1990s. He has been awarded many prizes for reporting, including Australia's most prestigious journalistic award – the Gold Walkley.

Turner, Dr Mike, email:, Mentoring for Change

My consulting work involves executive mentoring, life coaching, values management and storytelling. I have extensive experience of improving organisational and management performance through mentoring senior executives to increase their leadership effectiveness, improve their personal and business performance and accelerate the achievement of the corporate vision. I consult on values measurement and alignment, helping organisations to clarify their value priorities and ensure that their systems, structures, policies and processes are aligned with the corporate values. I work with the Centre for Creative Leadership in Brussels on their leadership development programmes. I deliver workshops and write articles on mentoring and on values.

Walker, Penny, email:, Penny Walker Associates

Penny Walker is a trainer, facilitator and consultant, specialising in projects which build clients’ capacity to respond to environmental challenges with successful, sustainable solutions. Penny is a Natural Step facilitator.

Projects include facilitating and informing the development of an environmental strategy, tailor-made training to enable employees to understand the principles and practice of environmental management, structured workshops where effective action plans can be created and agreed, one-to-one coaching to develop excellence in environmental understanding.

Penny Walker has been an independent trainer, facilitator and consultant since 1996, working with clients from the corporate, public and voluntary sectors. Prior to this, she worked at Friends of the Earth for eight years. Her most recent role was as Local Campaigns Director, part of FOE’s Senior Management Team, managing a Department which provides training and support to local campaign groups. See for more details.

White, Martin, email:, Pagoda Training

Martin runs Pagoda Training, a business specialising in computer consultancy. The benefits of this consultancy to sustainable development are indirect and include improved communications and more efficient business systems. These services can also provide the foundation for online conferencing, thereby avoiding some business travel.

Woodhouse, Ben, Ecos Corporation, Australia

Ben is an associate of Ecos Corporation and is considered one of the world's leading issue managers. He is currently based in Australia. In 1997, Ben concluded his 31 year career with Dow Chemicals as Vice President and Global Director of Issues Management, Crisis Management and Industry Affairs. An expert on sustainability and its implications for business, he has also conducted extensive work in community consultation, crisis communication and strategic planning for environment, health and safety programs. In Australia, Ben has been working as an adviser to Western Mining Corporation and recently commenced a project with the Minerals Council of Australia to help implement a continual improvement program for members environmental performance. Ben’s work with Ecos Corporation includes our projects with Suncor/SPP and Placer Dome.

How to join the network of skilled people

If you would like to apply to join the network of skilled people please complete the People form. Ideally we would also like an example of your work with individual learning, group development, strategic innovation or cultural change which can be described on the Examples form. All applications will be acknowledged.

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