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The primary focus for this web site is social and cultural change without which sustainable development is unattainable. By 'social and cultural change' we mean:

Applying sustainable development involves people at every level. Getting people to work co-operatively together is as difficult or even more difficult than finding technical solutions. People from different disciplines see problems and solutions from different perspectives and often find it hard to agree a way forward. This is where skilled people can make a real contribution.

Many people and organisations face similar difficulties. Examples of successful change where obstacles have been overcome provide helpful learning for others. Sustainable development can move forward more rapidly if these examples are better known. We would like to hear about your examples. There is no need to name people and organisations but the industry sector, the level of people involved and how change was accomplished help others understand the context in a particular situation.

Please describe your example, in the form below, then click 'submit'. All examples will be acknowledged and help with editing, prior to publication on this website will be provided. Information about skilled people can be provided on the People reply form.

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